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Danish furniture is based on many good stories.

Many know the story of the famous Danish design furniture and furniture designers. But there happens to be many other stories of Danish furniture, furniture companies and furniture design – stories about the past, present and future.

We would like to share these stories with Images of Danish Furniture – a late summer event in Copenhagen with a furniture exhibition and symposium.

At the exhibition we show a picture of where we are right now. At the symposium, we draw a picture of where we might be headed. And the website can continuously tell where we are.

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Images of Danish Furniture: The story of Danish furniture in 2014

In August and September 2014, Images of Danish Furniture will take place in Copenhagen. Images of Danish Furniture is an event that will tell the story of the Danish furniture industry in new ways.

Images of Danish Furniture is inaugurated on 1 August with a furniture exhibition in the foyer of the House of Industry in Copenhagen. 34 Danish furniture companies – both famous and lesser known – will participate in the exhibition, which is curated by trend specialist Anne Lise Kjaer, Kjaer Global, London. The exhibition runs until 26 September. It is open to everyone, and access is free of charge.

A highlight during Images of Danish Furniture will be a major symposium in Copenhagen on September 4, 2014, where Danish and international design experts and industry connoisseurs give their take on Danish furniture industry today, and on the opportunities and challenges that the industry has. The target audience is international designers, manufacturers, journalists and other professionals, and access is by invitation only.

Guests at the symposium are also invited to participate in Furnitours – a program of various special excursions with visits to selected furniture locations in Copenhagen.

Images of Danish Furniture also offers a new film showing how Danish furniture is used and valued in Denmark and abroad. You will see exciting interior design projects with Danish furniture and meet passionate furniture collectors and dealers. The film is shown throughout the exhibition.

Danish furniture manufacturers are at the center of the Images of Danish Furniture. Each participating company will be offered the opportunity to invite key customers for the symposium and to make own customer events in conjunction with the exhibition. And together, the companies create a multifaceted picture of the Danish furniture industry in 2014.

Check out the website which becomes active during the summer.