Kitchen & bathroom furniture

Jesper Holm Møbelsnedkeri

Handmade in Copenhagen. Made to order. Customized.
Kvist Industries A/S
Kvist Industries A/S

KVIST INDUSTRIES supplies high quality furniture in wood - that being components or complete, finished concepts to the furniture industry. Around 450 skilled employees are involved in ensuring the best possible solution for our customers. Customers that are found among the leaders of the Danish and international furniture industries.

KVIST INDUSTRIES considers competence and professionalism in the development of new products as one of our most important assignments. This being both projects run by our selves, or projects in close cooperation with others.
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Montana Møbler A/S
Montana Møbler A/S

Montana Møbler A/S produces and supplies storage systems, tables, and chairs for home and modern office environments. Montana is designed by Peter J. Lassen. The flexible modular system and the inspiring colour palette offer freedom to create your own personal room and to personalize your style. Montana’s table and chair series are designed by Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Andreas Hansen, Peter J. Lassen, Joakim Lassen and shldesign, Salto & Sigsgaard.
Møbelsnedkeri Kjeldtoft

Kjeldtoft is cabinet-makers with some standard / basic pieces in modern design that we produce on commision, according to the clients desires on size and choice of materials.

Alongside we focus on manufacturing custom furniture, showpieces, prototypes aso.

Ou'r work is traditional cabinet-makery, and we are strong on solid wood.
But we also make an effort in developing and improving methods, and use of materials.
Our primary aim is to deliver the best possible result, both in good design, and practical use, for the benefit of the end user.

A close collaboration with similar companies within metalwork, glass, plastics aso. enables us to deliver a full package, controlling the job from start to end, thus leaving nothing to chance.

Dedicated quality work, and supreme service goes without saying!

Experienced since 1991
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OX DENMARQ is a result of Danish design tradition teaming up with skilled craftsmen from Spain and Denmark to create unique products.

Our brand name OX is a tribute to our unique raw material and the animal providing it. OX leather, the backbone of many of our products, is produced from Spanish cattle.

The fact that Spanish cattle normally spend most of their lifetime in the field as opposed to in the stables means that Nature will leave marks such as insect bites. These marks reflect a Natural product. In the same way, since our leather is a natural product, colours will wary slightly since hides from animals from different geographical conditions will react in different ways to the colouring process.

Like good wine, OX leather furniture will only get more beautiful as time passes and natural patina sets in.
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Spørring A/S
Spørring A/S

We create special designed furniture for hotels, hospitals, libraries, offices, restaurants, museums and Theaters. Our furniture are unik and we usually only produce one of each design. Our creations are made in a cloce cooperation with Danish architects.

uno form
uno form

For 45 years, uno form has embodied innovative and uncompromising Danish kitchen design. A uno form kitchen is your guarantee of the finest joinery created by passionate craftsmen of long-standing tradition.

uno form was originally developed by the ingenious visionary Arne Munch, who in 1968 designed the very first uno form kitchen. The kitchen offered a radical alternative to the inflexible, heavily crafted kitchens of the time, which allowed neither freedom nor originality in terms of kitchen layout. From the basement of his home in Lyngby, Arne Munch created an entirely new kitchen concept, whose simple ingenious design revolutionised kitchens.

Arne Munch was inspired by the attractive and original cabinet furniture of the time and insisted on incorporating this same elegance and high quality into his kitchen design. With this in mind, he created the uno form kitchen with its characteristic slotted fronts, which have made uno form a genuine Danish design classic and one which has retained its originality for 45 years. With the refined slotted design, Arne Munch also introduced the handle-free kitchen, a revolution that highlighted both functionality and aesthetics
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