Office furniture

ABC-Reoler A/S
ABC-Reoler A/S

ABC-Reoler Aulum A/S was established in
1917 and has since 1975 developed shelving
systems. The first system, ABC Classic, has
proven its unique qualities, it has now been
on the market for 40 years.

Quadrant and Quadrant Simplex, are also two products from ABC-Reoler, where the details, flexibility and functionality are the foundation.

It is very important for ABC-Reoler, that the systems fulfil the needs of our customers for storage, functionality and flexibility.

The system´s finest task is to show the per-
sonal home and so be a visual experience.
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Atom Furniture
Atom Furniture

Atom furniture factory was established in 1947.

Danish design, quality, flexibility are some of the key words connected to ATOM Furniture.

Atom has a timeless multi-functional design that can meet all requirements.
Produced based on strong traditions of craftsmanship and high quality.
Sideboards, display cabinets, multifunctional bookcases, that allows you to build your own bookcase.
Carl Hansen & Søn
Carl Hansen & Søn

Every item of furniture produced by Carl Hansen & Son reflects over 100 years of furniture history with respect and passion for craftsmanship. The world's largest manufacturer of furniture designed by Hans J. Wegner, Carl Hansen & Son also produces designs by Mogens Koch, Kaare Klint, Ole Wanscher and others. The company has 170 employees. All Carl Hansen & Son furniture is produced in Denmark and sold all over the world. Find out more at
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Cube Design A/S
Cube Design A/S

Cube Design A / S was founded in 1981 and is known for its high quality of office furniture. We attach great importance to a great design and functionality.

Cube Design A / S develops, manufactures and supplies office furniture and office interiors for offices, canteens, cafes and conference rooms in both Denmark and the rest of Europe.
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Duba-B8 A/S
Duba-B8 A/S

Duba-B8 is among Denmark’s leading office furniture companies and specializes interior design consultancy, product development and logistics.
We develop, produce and market several brands of office furniture and we also offer customised solutions which are developed in close cooperation with our customers.
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Four Design A/S
Four Design A/S

Four Design develops, manufactures and markets furniture concepts for the commercial market. We conceptualize ideas that create a common thread throughout our collection and we believe in the value of human relations.

Our furniture is therefore developed to encourage interaction between people and create harmony in the interiors, no matter where they are being used. Our products are characterized by superb functionalism and a simple, minimalistic design with an international appeal.
Holmris A/S
Holmris A/S

Holmris Office A/S is a family owned company, and through 3 generations Holmris has supplied the Danish living-and project market with premium-quality furniture. Since 1994 we have specialized in manufacturing office furniture and are now among the most innovative Danish companies within the furniture industry. We keep constantly focus on ergonomics, functionality, design and trends, and our furniture meet today´s requirements to modern quality furniture.
Jesper Holm Møbelsnedkeri

Handmade in Copenhagen. Made to order. Customized.
Kvist Industries A/S
Kvist Industries A/S

KVIST INDUSTRIES supplies high quality furniture in wood - that being components or complete, finished concepts to the furniture industry. Around 450 skilled employees are involved in ensuring the best possible solution for our customers. Customers that are found among the leaders of the Danish and international furniture industries.

KVIST INDUSTRIES considers competence and professionalism in the development of new products as one of our most important assignments. This being both projects run by our selves, or projects in close cooperation with others.
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Labofa A/S
Labofa A/S

Labofa A/S is a Danish furniture producer that specializes in the development and production of chairs and furniture for educational environments as well as private and public offices.

Labofa started producing school furniture 1947, but later concentrated on the office segment. In recent years, the market for educational furniture has again become a focus area, aiming at the development of chairs for children in primary schools, upper secondary schools and other learning environments.
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