Now Images of Danish Furniture is on!

On August 1, the first phase of the Images of Danish Furniture event began with the opening of the furniture exhibition in the foyer of the House of Industry in City Hall Square in Copenhagen.

34 Danish furniture manufacturers participate in the exhibition, which presents virtually all genres of Danish furniture production. The exhibition is curated by trend specialist Anne Lise Kjaer Kjaer Global, London.

The exhibition is free and open to all – both employees and visitors to the House of Industry and the many locals and tourists who each day passes by at one of Copenhagen’s busiest street corners. During the first week many hundreds og Furniture interested guests from around the world looking for. There have been visitors from countries such as: South Korea, Norway, Australia, Romania, Germany, Sweden, Canada, USA, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy.

On the occasion of the opening, a press reception was held with participation of newspapers, home magazines, television stations and bloggers.

Do not miss the exhibition, if you visit Copenhagen in August or September!

International Symposium
The next highlight is the International Furniture Symposium September 4 at House of Industry. Here, specially invited design experts and industry connoisseurs give their take on Danish furniture industry today and the opportunities and challenges that the industry meets. The program includes the following entries:

Future Trends
Anne Lise Kjaer, trend expert and futures analyst, Kjaer Global (London)

The construction of a brand: Selling Danish Modern
Per H. Hansen, professional historian and professor at Copenhagen Business School

Where do we come from and where are we going?
Nicolai de Gier, architect and associate professor at School of Architecture

Interiors and social behavior: How interior design influences on social life in buildings
Kim Herforth Nielsen, architect and partner of 3XN studio

Designed in Europe? Produced in Denmark? Branded in Denmark?
Tobias Lutz (Switzerland), architect and founder of Architonic design portal

Read more about the symposium and register at

Watch our presentation movie!

On the occasion of the Images of Danish Furniture has been made a whole new international tour film about Danish furniture industry and furniture design. See it here: – and share it with others.

Some statistics from the first exhibition week:
– On Facebook, Images of Danish Furniture has reached out to 9538 users.
– Images of Danish Furniture website has got 1100 unique clicks / visits.
– Images of Danish Furniture film has been shown 1890 times. 28% of the views are in  Taiwan and 25% in Denmark, then comes USA, Australia etc.
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